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  • Carmen Popescu
    A Denied Continuity: the Shift of 'Heritage' as Ideology in Romanian Socialist Architecture
  • John Riley
    From the Factory to the Fiat: Thirty Years of the “Song of the Counterplan”
  • Andrei Rogatchevski
    Socialist Realism and Subversion: Alfred Schnittke's “Life with an Idiot”
  • Daria Shembel
    The Spectacle of Masculinity in Sports and Dance. Grigorii Alexandrov's „The Circus” and Abram Room’s „A Stern Young Man” - a Paradigm and a Pariah
  • Joe Andrew
    „Discipline and Punish”: The Body as a Site for Stalinism in “Burnt by the Sun”
  • Ewa Mazierska
    Between Escape and Tourism - Czech and Polish Travel Films of the Postcommunist Period
  • Jan Rek
    Stalin's Sweet Revenge or on Some Consequences of Close Encounters Between Film Criticism and Politics. Around Recent Discussions on Socialist Realist Cinema in Poland
  • John Bates
    Projection and Denial: The Party's Attitudes Towards Mickiewicz in the Stalinist Era, 1948-1955
  • Wojciech Tomasik
    All that Jazz! On Tyrmand's Challenge to Stalinism
  • Reuben Fowkes
    Dream Factory Communism: the Visual Culture of the Stalin Era, Shirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
  • Neil Edmunds
    Laurel E. Fay / Shostakovich: A Life
  • Lars Kristensen
    Jean Antoine-Dunne, Paula Quigley (Eds.) / Critical Studies Vol. 21: The Montage Principle, Eisenstein in New Cultural and Critical Context
  • John M. Bates
    Carl Tighe / The Politics of Literature. Poland 1945-1989
  • Tadeusz Szczepański
    Stalin, Aleksandrów, Szczors i inni
  • Mariusz Guzek
    Między branżystami a propagandystami
  • Magdalena Mateja
    Socrealizm na scenie (i za kulisami)
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