Wyświetlanie pozycji 1-3 z 3

    • Game Design Curriculum White Paper 2.0 

      Mochocki, Michał (Games Research Association of Poland, 2018)
      The curriculum design project explores the possibility of creating a universal game design core curriculum, flexible enough to be either a component of 3- and 4-year degrees or the core of 1- or 2-year programmes. In the ...
    • Larping the Past: Research Report on High-School Edu-Larp 

      Mochocki, Michał (2014)
      The paper presents the results of “Live Action Role Plays in School Education,” a quasi-experimental project piloted in 2010 and 2012 and conducted in 2013 by Games Research Association of Poland and educational publisher ...
    • Story beats in videogames as value-driven choice-based unit operations 

      Mochocki, Michał; Koskimaa, Raine (2021)
      We present a framework of story beats, defined as microunits of dramatic action, as a tool for the ludonarrative analysis of videogames. First, we explain the Goal - Action - Reaction - Outcome model of the story beat. ...