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    • Body posture in female wrestlers before and after specialized physical training 

      Sokołowski, Marek; Kaiser, Alicja; Mrozkowiak, Mirosław (2013)
      Aim. This study discusses the changes in the parameters of body posture caused by a 90-minute physical training aimed at mastering wrestling techniques. Method. The examinations were carried out in July 2011 among the 30 ...
    • Habitual posture of fencers representing the Wielkopolska region 

      Mrozkowiak, Mirosław; Kaiser, Alicja; Sokołowski, Marek (2015)
      It is well known that long-term sports training has the influence on body posture (long-term effects on the body-specific exercise). The issue is discussed on the example of competitive fencing. The aims of the paper was ...