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    • 3D printing technologies in rehabilitation engineering 

      Mikołajewska, Emilia; Macko, Marek; Ziarnecki, Łukasz; Stańczak, Sonia; Kawalec, Patryk; Mikołajewski, Dariusz (2014)
      3D printing, 3D scanning, and reverse engineering are relatively novel technologies, which may revolutionize scientific research within health sciences and clinical practice. Broader use of such technologies may cause ...
    • Repository of images for reverse engineering and medical simulation purposes 

      Macko, Marek; Mikołajewska, Emilia; Szczepański, Zbigniew; Augustyńska, Beata; Mikołajewski, Dariusz (2016)
      Novel technologies such as 3D printing (additive manufacturing), 3D scanning and reverse engineering may significantly improve application of the principles of medicine in current clinical ...